Different types of cranes used in construction

Different types of cranes used in construction: A crane is a machine or device whose function is to mechanically lift certain materials or loads. Where more can be observed the presence of cranes is in construction sites, where the lifting of heavy loads becomes imperative.

… the cranes, those machines that make the work of human beings insignificant …

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History of Cranes

If we make a bit of history, the origins of this machine go back to the shadouf. This loading system was very much in vogue in the merchant ships, whose crew members were in charge of driving, in a constant loading and unloading process.

However, with the passage of time, the renovation of the strut became imperative, especially since it needed to be operated by a large number of individuals, which delayed the process of unloading the materials themselves.

The crane was constituted in the direct evolution of the prop used for the transfer of heavy loads. This machine is equipped with a forklift, with ropes (usually cables) whose function is to raise and lower the respective materials, as well as moving the load by making horizontal movements.

The crane is also composed of a boom (or arm) that is mounted on an axis that performs rotating movements. In addition to this, the crane consists of one or more pulleys that lift the weight and then move it from one sector to another.

types of cranes
types of cranes
types of cranes

Types of Cranes

In this list, you can find the main mobile and fixed cranes, industrial and construction, port, stacker, forklift, updated of the main brands in the global market.

Different types of cranes used in construction:

Different type of cranes

What are the different types of cranes?

Types of cranes: tower crane, telescopic crane, mobile crane, construction crane, hydraulic, overhead crane, gantry crane, bridge crane, jib crane.

What is an industrial crane?

Industrial cranes are materials movement machinery that uses levers and pulleys to operate along truss, or arm, that lifts, lowers, carries and relocates what cannot be moved by smaller machinery or human power. There are several different varieties of cranes, all of which are designed for use in specific settings.

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