Forklift truck: The main feature of this mobile medium is its capacity to support weight, which a person can not tolerate, which simplifies the movement, transfer, and order of merchandise in industrial or commercial use especially. The load it carries is balanced by a center of gravity that swings in all directions.

This center of gravity determines its stability. The tolerance of overweight saves in addition to energy and time, money and hours of work.

Forklifts are commonly used in shops and industries. It requires training for its management and knowledge of safety regulations.

Forklift truck
Forklift truck

… The man accepts without problems that a machine runs more than him. But, he will hardly accept, that he thinks better than he…


Forklift models

Forklift models: how does it work? maneuvers, operator, loading and unloading, brands and models, types, parts, counterweight, manual, electrical, accidents and safety.

The forklift is a transport vehicle that can be used to transport, tow, push, stack, raise or lower different objects and elements.

They are machines that work with two weights that oppose each other on opposite sides of a turning point: the front wheels.

3 Stage Mast Forklift

A three-stage mast consisting of an outer mast, a middle mast, and an inner mast, each mast slidably and nestable engaging an adjacent mast and configured for a positive and negative lift along the length of each mast.

Caterpillar Forklift

Caterpillar Cat® forklifts solve the problems presented by material handling applications. CAT forklifts specifications, Safe forklift handling.

Different Types of Forklifts

forklifts models for industrial use inside warehouses, hydraulic three-wheeled electric forklifts. Counterbalance Forklift

Forklift Battery

Its main function is based on storing enough energy to start the forklift engine. Its secondary function is to store the remaining energy for later use in equipment for extended periods.

Forklift Battery Charger

Your forklift truck will run on its own battery if it’s an electric vehicle. The battery is a vital piece of equipment and must be cared for and kept charged in order for your truck to work properly.

Forklift Blue lights

36% of serious forklift-related injuries involve someone other than the driver. That is where the vehicle approach warning light helps prevent dangerous collisions.

Forklift Brands

FORKLIFT BRANDS: Which forklift brand is best? top: Caterpillar, Toyota, Volvo, Hyundai, forklift brands and models, top 10 forklift brands, list

Forklift Capacity Calculator

The capacity factor is important in your selection regardless of whether you are buying the truck with the attachment or are adding the attachment to a truck yourself.

Forklift Classification chart

To choose a forklift from all the different types, you’ll need to think about how the machinery will be used. Here are general criteria to reference when choosing a forklift to make sure your selected equipment performs efficiently and safely.

Forklift Components

Locating the common parts of a forklift is vital to make certain that your operators are reliably using equipment as intended in a safe manner. The following list of forklift terminology will help to ensure all associates are prepared to use the equipment effectively and identify the forklift parts that require the attention of a maintenance technician.

Forklift Controls levers

Forklifts are capable of maneuvering in small spaces and lifting objects into high up, hard to reach places. Although forklifts are capable of doing many jobs, they are also dangerous and must be safely operated. Because of their design, forklifts can tip over easily, and they can crush or gouge people or objects if the controls are not handled properly.

Forklift Dock Ramp

Loading docks perform a critical function in the logistics system infrastructure. They form the link between manufacturing and transportation, and between transportation and storage functions.

Forklift Fork dimensions

Forklift forks, also known as tines or blades, are used to lift and carry loads. They are an integral part of the forklift and ensuring you are using the correct ones and that they are in good condition is essential to both the safety of personnel, but also the forklift and the load.

Forklift Lifting Capacity

FORKLIFT LIFTING CAPACITY: high capacity forklift loader truck, forklift attachments, side loader forklift, used forklifts for sale, battery.

Forklift Load Backrest

Steel Load backrests are designed to prevent the load from falling toward the equipment driver. This allows the product to rest against a square, flat surface that makes loading/unloading safe.

Forklift Mast Types

Also referred to as an ‘Upright’, the mast is the vertical assembly on the front of the forklift that does the work of raising, lowering, and tilting the load. Most masts are ‘three-stage’ meaning there are three channels on each side. The channels are similar in appearance to I-Beams.

Forklift Parts name

Forklifts are designed to last, but like any other machinery, forklift parts are susceptible to wear and tear. To keep your lift trucks running and your employees safe, high-quality forklift parts and accessories are essential.

Forklift Pedestrian Safety Warning Spotlight

The Safety Warning Spotlight projects a clearly visible blue spot beam onto the floor that alerts pedestrians and other vehicles of the nearby presence of the forklift.

Forklift Purchase

If you’re in the forklift market for the first time, have returned to the market after a long absence, or just need to go back to the basics, understanding where to start in buying a new forklift can seem like a complex process.

Forklift rules and regulations

FORKLIFT SAFETY: forklift loader rules, guidelines and regulations, forklift rules and regulations, fork truck safety, forklift training license.

Forklift Safety Procedures

Forklifts are extremely useful workplace vehicles, as long as they are used safely and appropriately by operators who are appropriately trained and competent to use them.

Forklift Seat Belt

Unlike cars, forklift seat belts are not meant to protect drivers from high-speed collisions. Instead, forklift seat belts are intended to protect drivers from being crushed.

Forklift Stability Triangle

Making sure your forklift remains stable is one of the most important things you need to do while it’s in use. Unstable forklifts are the cause of many injuries and deaths each year when they fall on operators.

Forklift Truck Batteries

Currently, within the industry can find different types of batteries for forklifts, which are differentiated by their uses and applications.

Forklift Weight

How much does your forklift weigh? It’s important to know the weight of your forklift when transporting it, driving it on trailers, moving it in an elevator, or using it in multi-story buildings.

Forklift Yard Ramp

A yard ramp is a portable loading dock. It is a ramp which can be moved anywhere in shipping and receiving yard to give forklift access to a shipping container or semi-trailer at a loading dock level.

How to drive a Forklift?

Forklift safety is of the utmost importance, and driving a forklift improperly presents various risks to both yourself and others, as well as your surroundings and the things you’re lifting.

How to operate a stand-up forklift?

Two main ways of operating a forklift exist. Operating while sitting down, and operating while standing up.

Industrial Forklift Truck

A forklift is a motorized industrial truck that is used to lift and move materials over short distances. The forklift truck was developed in the early twentieth century by several companies, including Clark, and Yale & Towne Manufacturing, which manufactured hoists.

Loading Dock Ramps for Forklift

Loading docks perform a critical function in the logistics system infrastructure. They form the link between manufacturing and transportation, and between transportation and storage functions.

Marine Forklift

The marina forklift in the industry is used to dry-stack boats in storage racks, and lower/raise boats in/out of the water. Hoist’s lift truck is compact and extremely maneuverable to operate around any facility, yet strong and durable enough to lift/lower boats of various sizes and weights.

Mecanum Wheels Forklift

The fork truck mecanum utilizes uniquely designed wheels for omnidirectional movement. Around the circumference of each wheel are spindles canted at an angle, with each spindle containing a pair of rollers. Each wheel is independently controlled; the speed and direction with which each wheel moves determines the trajectory of the vehicle.

New Forklift Price

When you are purchasing a piece of equipment, you obtain competitive quotes, verify specifications and generate a purchase order. For that matter, just about anything we purchase goes through the same process.

Reconditioned Forklift Battery

In some instances, a loss of battery capacity can be caused by battery sulfation. Sulfation is a crystallization which forms a hard shell surrounding the lead plates within the battery cell, this shell prevents efficient charging and discharging of the battery. 

Rough Terrain Forklift

ROUGH TERRAIN FORKLIFT: all-terrain forklift truck, forklift manufacturers, Rough terrain masted forklift, Rough terrain forklift operator training

Side Loader Forklift

There are various types of forklift trucks today, from the three-wheel counterbalanced lift truck, the teletruck, powered pallet lift trucks, pump trucks, reach trucks and, of course, side loaders.

Solid Pneumatic Forklift Tires

Before you make your initial forklift purchase, decide whether a pneumatic or cushion tire forklift is best for you. Start by determining how the forklift will be used. Consider your capacity and any multi-use functions.

Swing Mast Forklift

Articulated & swing mast forklifts can help you get the most out of your warehouse storage space, but there are other ways to optimize your warehouse design to ensure optimal efficiency.

Telehandler Forklifts

A telehandler handler, also known as a telescopic handler, telehandler, teleporter or rough terrain forklift, is a vehicle with a telescopically extensible boom, which can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle, so it can be fitted with various lifting.

Types of forklift tires

Overall, there are three basic types of forklift tires: cushion, pneumatic air, and solid pneumatic. Since each type of forklift tire is designed for specific usages and applications, there is a direct correlation between tire type and the overall design and dimensions of a forklift.

Warehouse Forklift Driver

FORKLIFT DRIVER; warehouse forklift driver, license, training, certification, course, operator jobs, forklift safety rules, forklift safety guidelines.

Warehouse Forklift Types

WAREHOUSE FORKLIFT TYPES: What is a forklift? types, classes, how they work, parts, manual, electric, models, brands, industrial, electric.

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