Forklift truck: The main feature of this mobile medium is its capacity to support weight, which a person can not tolerate, which simplifies the movement, transfer, and order of merchandise in industrial or commercial use especially. The load it carries is balanced by a center of gravity that swings in all directions.

This center of gravity determines its stability. The tolerance of overweight saves in addition to energy and time, money and hours of work.

Forklifts are commonly used in shops and industries. It requires training for its management and knowledge of safety regulations.

Forklift truck
Forklift truck

…The man accepts without problems that a machine works better than him. But, he will not accept, that he thinks better than him…


Forklift models

Forklift models: how does it work? maneuvers, operator, loading and unloading, brands and models, types, parts, counterweight, manual, electrical, accidents and safety.

The forklift is a transport vehicle that can be used to transport, tow, push, stack, raise or lower different objects and elements.

They are machines that work with two weights that oppose each other on opposite sides of a turning point: the front wheels.

Forklift Brands

Forklift Brands and models: Which forklift brand is best? Top brands in the world: Caterpillar, Toyota, Volvo, Hyundai, forklift brands and models, top 10 forklift brands.

Caterpillar Forklift

Caterpillar Cat® forklifts solve the problems presented by material handling applications. CAT forklifts specifications, Safe forklift handling.

Forklift Classification chart

To choose a forklift from all the different types, you’ll need to think about how the machinery will be used. Here are general criteria to reference when choosing a forklift to make sure your selected equipment performs efficiently and safely.

Forklift Components

Locating the common parts of a forklift is vital to make certain that your operators are reliably using equipment as intended in a safe manner. The following list of forklift terminology will help to ensure all associates are prepared to use the equipment effectively and identify the forklift parts that require the attention of a maintenance technician.

Forklift Parts name

Forklifts are designed to last, but like any other machinery, forklift parts are susceptible to wear and tear. To keep your lift trucks running and your employees safe, high-quality forklift parts and accessories are essential.

Forklift Purchase

If you’re in the forklift market for the first time, have returned to the market after a long absence, or just need to go back to the basics, understanding where to start in buying a new forklift can seem like a complex process.

New Forklift Price

When you are purchasing a piece of equipment, you obtain competitive quotes, verify specifications and generate a purchase order. For that matter, just about anything we purchase goes through the same process.

Reconditioned Forklift Battery

In some instances, a loss of battery capacity can be caused by battery sulfation. Sulfation is a crystallization which forms a hard shell surrounding the lead plates within the battery cell, this shell prevents efficient charging and discharging of the battery. 

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