Oxygen Concentrator Working Principle

The air comes into the compressor after compressed by the air inlet filter unit, and then it enters into molecular sieve tower to separate the oxygen and nitrogen.

The oxygen successfully goes through the molecular sieve tower into the fine sieve tower.

In contrast, the nitrogen is absorbed by the molecular, then to be discharged into the atmosphere through the separating valve. The oxygen concentration is enhanced in the fine sieve tower and controlled flow size by the flowmeter.

Then the oxygen is humidified by the humidifying water tank when it comes to it. Finally, the oxygen reached the user through an oxygen supply tube.

Oxygen Concentrator Working Principle
Oxygen Concentrator Working Principle

Working principle of oxygen concentrator

Smallest Portable oxygen concentrator

The concentrator draws in room air and passes it through a series of filters that remove dust, bacteria, and other particulates.

In the first step of the concentration process, a compressor forces air into one of the two cylinders containing sieve material, where nitrogen is adsorbed, leaving concentrated oxygen and a small percentage of other gases found in room air.

Simultaneously, in the other cylinder, nitrogen is desorbed and exhausted into the atmosphere. In the second step, the function of the cylinders is reversed in a timed cycle, providing a continuous flow of oxygen to the patient.

Operating steps

  • The concentrator is properly set up by an expert.
  • Unit is plugged in to a power source, turned on, and the oxygen flow is adjusted as prescribed by a doctor.
  • A nasal cannula or mask is applied to the patient.
  • The concentrator is used for the prescribed amount of time, typically continuously for days or weeks at a time.

oxygen concentrator principle of operation

How does the oxygen concentrator work?

Air contains a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. The Oxygen Concentrator is about the size of a small refrigerator in which the air is forced under pressure through molecular sieve beds filled with Zeolite which binds the nitrogen, and separates it from the air as in gas chromatography, thus increasing the proportion of oxygen from about 21% to about 90%.

This is how it works:

  • The air first passes through the four filters (explained below) which remove bacteria and dust.
  • The air is then forced by a compressor into canisters.
  • The canisters contain molecular sieve beds filled with zeolite (aluminium silicate) which binds the nitrogen and separates it from oxygen, thus increasing the oxygen concentration to as high as 90%.
  • Two canisters are used, the period of oxygen outflow from one coinciding with the discharge of nitrogen from the other, so that a continuous supply of oxygen enriched gas is delivered to the storage vessel.
Oxygen Concentrator Working Principle
Oxygen Concentrator Working Principle
How does an oxygen concentrator work?

The way an oxygen concentrator works is simple. It uses the surrounding atmosphere to create oxygen-rich air, by introducing filtered air from the environment into the oxygen machine, compressing it, purifying it, and removing nitrogen and other impurities. The patient is then given purified, oxygen-rich air.

How do i know if my oxygen concentrator is working?

Like any electrical equipment, an oxygen concentrator can stop working due to technical problems. There may also be cases where it may malfunction due to external influence, with no problems in the hub itself.
If an oxygen concentrator is not providing oxygen, it could be for a number of different reasons. The system in an oxygen concentrator is made up of some intricate parts that work together to purify and deliver medical grade oxygen, so you can inhale it.
However, before calling a service technician, you can troubleshoot the problem yourself to see if you can fix the problem yourself, check the filters, battery, or electrical contact.

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